• The SoftSpeed™ II stick-slip mitigation system was developed by National Oilwell Varco (NOV) to combat the stick-slip phenomenon, which is a mode of drilling dysfunction characterized by a cycle of the bit coming to a stop and accelerating to speeds greater than the mean BHA speed. Stick-slip can lead to a variety of problems, including severe bit damage, reduced drilling performance, and failure of tools and motors, if not properly addressed.

    The SoftSpeed II system uses automated vibration dampening to mitigate torsional vibration and reduce stick-slip oscillations during drilling operations. A dedicated team of highly qualified NOV engineers and personnel work to commission and setup the system, linking the software to a real-time technology center. This enables constant monitoring of the system, which allows onshore engineers to have instant insight into drilling performance metrics.

    A North Sea operator was encountering periods of extreme stick-slip in their 8½-in. horizontal section, with stick-slip severity levels close to 100%. This level of drilling vibration is inefficient and damaging to equipment. After coping with this level of stick-slip severity for 9 hours and drilling at an average ROP of 62.3 ft/hr, the SoftSpeed II system was turned on to increase performance. As a result of using the system, ROP was increased by 6.6 ft/hr to 68.9 ft/hr, which allowed the rig to drill approximately one and a half extra stands in that day compared to the prior drilling rate.

    The SoftSpeed II system and this project were featured in this month’s issue of Offshore Engineer. Read the full article here.

    Visit our SoftSpeed II site for more information and case studies.

    Published Date: 2017-06-08
    Source: National Oilwell Varco