• Rotary steerable systems (RSS) help you overcome technical and economic challenges of the land market by producing high-quality boreholes. To better assist you in providing top-tier directional services, we are excited expand our RSS product line with the addition of the VectorZIEL™ and VectorEXAKT™ RSS.

    The VectorZIEL and VectorEXAKT RSS platform was initially developed more than 30 years ago and used for precision drilling of deep vertical mine shafts  and has since been adapted for use in oil and gas applications.Since their release, they have provided industry-standard steering performance in vertical, directional, and horizontal applications for all common hole sizes.  

    Both systems feature industry-leading Tolteq™ mud pulsers and can also be combined with the NOV symmetric propagation resistivity LWD tool for additional real-time formation evaluation measurements.

    The VectorEXAKT RSS is specifically designed for high performance in vertical drilling operations. The system is able to stay on course through continuous steering, and when there is a deviation from vertical, it autonomously steers back on course. You can also run the VectorEXAKT system below a motor for performance drilling applications. Its high rate of penetration, precise verticality control, and robust design set it apart from the competition. 

    The VectorZIEL RSS is an automatic steering tool for three-dimensional drilling that provides higher ROP, improved cuttings removal, and precise trajectory control. The system offers reliable and precise direction control even in the most demanding drilling 

    Available for purchase or rental, these tools allow you to provide top-tier directional services in the global marketplace. Within the rental marketplace, both systems have been used to drill more than 230,000 ft in more than 55 wells around the world. Another 40-plus customer-purchased tools have also been used to drill wells globally. 

    Learn more about how VectorEXAKT and VectorZIEL RSS can help you offer top-tier directional service around the world today.  




    Published Date: 2018-02-16
    Source: National Oilwell Varco