• Our VectorEXAKT™ rotary steerable system (RSS) is specifically designed for high performance in vertical drilling operations by delivering higher ROP and precise directional control in vertical boreholes. This integrated drilling and measurement tool incorporates an inclination survey package within 5 ft. of the bit along with a pulser to deliver real-time data transmission. 

    We were recently approached by a client who needed to maximize ROP while maintaining verticality across a 1,280-ft. (390-m) 17 ½-in. vertical section in an onshore gas field in Kazakhstan. To achieve the necessary verticality and ROP, the client chose to use the VectorEXAKT RSS. 

    The tool delivered precise directional control as the vertical section was drilled at an average ROP of 32 ft./hr. (9.7 m/hr.), and inclination was maintained at less than 0.05° across the entire section. The final displacement of the well was only 0.04-in. (1.0-cm) south and 0.05-in. (1.3- cm) west.

    Learn more about how VectorEXAKT is set apart by its high rate of penetration, precise verticality control, and robust design. 

    Published Date: 2018-03-12
    Source: National Oilwell Varco