• Our client operating the Northeast U.S. needed to drill both the 8½-in. curve and lateral sections to total depth (TD) in a Marcellus Shale well. The operation needed to meet directional requirements while increasing the overall average ROP using a single bottomhole assembly (BHA).

    The client ran an 8½-in. ReedHycalog™ Tektonic™ drill bit (TK56) below a 7/8, 6.4-stage, fixed 2.0°NOV 34 Series motor. The locally engineered TK56 design, which included Tektonic features such as an optimized cutting structure with ION™ polished PDC cutters, set a major operator's Appalachian Basin curve record at 6.72 hours, which was 44% faster than any of the previous 83 offset runs. The client was not only able to drill to TD using a single BHA while meeting directional requirements, but they were able to do so while yielding an excellent dull grade of 1-2-BT-S-X-I-CT-TD.

    See the ReedHycalog™ Tektonic™ drill bit curve record here.

    Published Date: 2019-01-17
    Source: National Oilwell Varco