8118 Coiled Tubing Motor Test Stand

The 8118 Coiled Tubing Drilling Motor Test Stand is a coiled tubing motor dynamometer test unit that verifies the performance of new coiled tubing motors and evaluates used motors being returned from the field.


The 8118 coiled tubing motor test stand is designed to be operated safely and efficiently by one person, and its modular design allows flexibility to place the frame, control console, HPU, and fluid tank to accommodate your shop space.


  • Safe and easy to use – Can be operated by one person
  • Modular design – Component orientation can be altered to best suit your shop space
  • Accurate and reliable – Return line suction strainer removes fluid contaminants and an accumulator reduces flow pulsations, producing more accurate test results
  • Fully electronic control console – Touchscreen system provides precise control of system flow and torque
  • Custom-designed software – Captures test results and stores them in a searchable database for future reference
  • Verified motor performance – Instant test results confirm motor performance
  • 8118 Coiled Tubing Motor Test Stand Spec Sheet

A Coiled Tubing Motor Test Stand in a facility