8147 CRFlex TorqueMaster Machine

The CRFlex TorqueMaster is designed for fast, accurate makeup and breakout of premium threaded connections and multiconnection tools of various diameters.


Fast, accurate makeup and breakout

The 8147 CRFlex™ machine is the latest addition to our TorqueMaster™ line of make/break torque machines. This self-contained, freestanding continuous-rotation torque unit is designed for fast and accurate makeup and breakout of premium threaded connections and multiconnection tools with various diameters.

More managed torque

Its fully electronic touchscreen control incorporates a torque/turn logging system that logs connection data and automatically stops the torque process at your desired set point, reducing the possibility of overtorque and damaged connections. A database containing connection parameters can be used to set up the torque requirements, eliminating clerical errors when setting up the connection for makeup.

Simple operation

Powered by our Flex™ series independent hydraulic power unit (HPU), the CRFlex is ideally suited for any application in which continuous-turn capability is desired, such as completion tool service shops. The unit requires only an electrical power source and is designed for simplicity of operation and maintenance. Customizable to fit your facility, the nonslip bed and beams come in various lengths to ensure the equipment matches your process and space.

Features and Benefits

  • Continuous rotation – Unit includes a continuous-rotation headstock and a traversing, torque-measuring, nonrotating tailstock.
  • Flexible grip – Capable of handling both concentric and eccentric connections. Our proprietary soft-shoe jaw design provides wide-grip size ranges, requiring fewer jaws to handle the same OD range.
  • Safe data – PDF connection reports are saved for every connection and can be copied to a USB memory stick or printed at the console.
  • Remote HPU – Separating the HPU from the control console reduces the noise, vibration, and heat from the work space.
  • Plastic hose chain – The rugged, modular design does not corrode or crease.

    CRFLex TorqueMaster Machine Specifications

    Chucking capacity2⅜- to 18-in. headstock and tailstock
    Low center working heightChuck is 47¼ in. above the bed and hose chain.
    Make/break torque1,000 to 100,000 lb-ft capacity
    Center clamping distance9 in.
    Revolutions per minute range0.5 to 3 rpm while logging, 5 rpm max.
    Power requirements35 kW full load
    Bed length21 ft, 18 ft, 15 ft, 12 ft standard (inquire for different sizes)
    AccessoriesUp to four jacks can be applied on the headstock beam, tailstock beam, or on the bed
    HPU noise rating (idle)70 dB (from 3 ft)
    • 8147 CRFlex TorqueMaster Machine Spec Sheet

    Soft Shoe Jaws
    Soft Shoe Jaws
    Hydraulic Power Unit
    Hydraulic Power Unit
    Splash-proof electronic console
    Splash-proof electronic console
    Rolling Jacks
    Rolling Jacks

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