Agitator Placement Software

NOV's Agitator Placement Software identifies the most optimal placement for your Agitator System in the string, maximizing drilling performance.


As drilling challenges become more complex, the Agitator placement becomes more important than ever. NOV’s latest Agitator Placement Software uses qualitative and quantitative data to make placement recommendations for improved drilling performance and efficiency. The result of continuous research and development into the Agitator System’s effect on friction-breaking action, this newly improved software:

  • Provides enhanced outputs
  • Capitalizes on a rigorous torque and drag module
  • Supports two Agitator systems and remote shock tools
  • Supports a wider array of applications, including slide drilling with a motor BHA or Agitator-enhanced RSS BHAs
  • Has been validated with high-frequency lab and field data
  • Agitator Placement Software Flyer

Tables and graphs showing a drillers analysis
TnD Analysis
Tables and graphs of an AgitatorZP BHA Well Path analysis
Well Path

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