AgitatorZP System

AgitatorZP System is NOV's new zero pressure friction reduction tool. With this system, operators can drill farther faster and maintain maximum flow rates even in the deepest laterals.


Superior reliability. Maximum drilling performance. Zero pressure.

The Agitator™ZP System offers the same friction reduction benefits as our premium Agitator systems, with ZERO pressure drop across the tool.

The AgitatorZP System is specifically designed for premium applications where stand pipe pressure limitations are a challenge. NOV's new zero pressure Agitator technology maximizes weight transfer and improves directional control, particularly in the longest lateral sections where other friction reduction technologies simply cannot be run due to pressure or flow rate limitations.

This zero pressure innovative technology provides necessary friction reduction in drilling applications with high SPP demands or in applications requiring dual friction reduction tools to reach complex drilling targets while maintaining high ROP. The new AgitatorZP System is the optimal technology to improve drilling performance in operations where system pressure is critical such as smaller pump capacity rigs or operations running smaller drill pipe sizes.

Best drilling performance for the environment. All the benefits. No sacrifices.

At zero pressure drop, the AgitatorZP reduces fuel and energy consumption on the rig, contributing to a cleaner environment and lower carbon footprint.


  • Greater flexibility in extended reach operations, 2.5-3 mile laterals and dual FRT applications
  • Maximize motor differential in the longest laterals where flow rates are reduced due to pressure limitations
  • Maximize weight transfer in the most demanding applications
  • Improve drilling efficiency when rotating and sliding
  • Reduce stick-slip and torsional vibration with RSS BHAs
  • Maintain ROP in extended reach/lateral sections
  • Drill farther and drill faster




Actual pressure readings may vary based on application.

  • AgitatorZP System Spec Sheet

  • AgitatorZP System Brochure

Forced render of an AgitatorZP

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