Anderreamer 3D Underreamer

Increase safety and efficiency thanks to fewer trips downhole with our 3D underreamer.


Our Anderreamer™ 3D concentric underreamer enables you to achieve three different diameters for a variety of applications, eliminating your need for two tools. An expandable-blade underreamer allows pass-through of a restriction and then enables underreaming at two larger diameters. As an enhancement to the Anderreamer tool design, this versatile tool increases safety and efficiency by helping you make fewer trips downhole.


  • Efficient – Reduces risk of stuck bottomhole assemblies
  • Versatile – Reams cement sheath while drilling out
  • Reduced cost and risk – Enables the use of one tool instead of two
  • Improved availability – Offers continued use of standard-size bits and directional equipment
anderreamer 3D side view render with white background
anderreamer 3D front diagonal render with a white background