ATP Coiled Tubing

The Quality Tubing ATP coiled tubing uses state-of-the-art thermal processing throughout the manufacturing process to achieve the most advanced coiled tubing product available on the market.


Process and performance consistency improves your operations

Through years of research and development and strategic partnerships with leading providers of quench and tempered process equipment, Quality Tubing has developed the most consistent advanced thermally processed (ATP) coiled tubing.

ATP coiled tubing offers a major advantage over conventional coiled tubing in a vast range of applications. The fine-grained thermal processing at the steel manufacturer combined with best-in-class welding technology produces the highest quality green tube possible. Using the highest quality green tube in the final thermal processing step assures that all ATP strings exhibit optimum field performance. The normalization of the bias weld to the parent material in ATP coiled tubing eliminates the bias-weld fatigue spikes, which are often the number-one cause of retirement in the conventional offering.

ATP coiled tubing features a uniform, thermally processed microstructure throughout the entire length of the string, which is instrumental in producing a high-strength product with more consistent and improved field performance. Low-cycle fatigue performance and improved resistance to localized corrosion are consistent in the tube body and the bias weld.

ATP coiled tubing can be manufactured with TRUE-TAPER™ XR, resulting in a coiled tubing string with best-in-class corrosion resistance and extended-reach capabilities that are unmatched in the industry today.


  • Utilizes fit-for-purpose raw material and the most advanced manufacturing process
  • Resistance to premature failure due to OD damage
  • No bias-weld fatigue derating
  • Lower fatigue accumulation at bias welds
  • Available in 2-, 2⅜-, and 2⅝-in. OD
  • Compatible with existing surface equipment

ATP Coiled Tubing Specifications

ATP-110 ATP-120 ATP-130 ATP-140
Wall thickness range Up to 0.276 in. (Up to 7.01 mm) Up to 0.276 in. (Up to 7.01 mm) Up to 0.276 in. (Up to 7.01 mm) Up to 0.276 in. (Up to 7.01 mm)
Minimum yield strength 110 ksi (758 MPa) 120 ksi (827 MPa) 130 ksi (896 MPa) 140 ksi (965 MPa)
Minimum tensile strength 117 ksi (806 MPa) 125 ksi (862 MPa) 135 ksi (931 MPa) 145 ksi (999 MPa)
Maximum hardness 30 HRC 33 HRC 37 HRC 39 HRC
  • ATP Coiled Tubing Brochure

  • ATP-100 Data Sheet

  • ATP-110 Data Sheet

  • ATP-120 Data Sheet

  • ATP-130 Data Sheet

  • ATP-130 Case Study

  • ATP 140 Data Sheet

  • ATP Field Welding Procedure Flyer

Vertical shot of ATP Coiled Tubing technician in facility
Technician working on ATP Coiled Tubing
Manufacturing of ATP Coiled Tubing
ATP Coiled Tubing in warehouse
ATP Coiled Tubing technician in facility

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