Coiled Tubing Motor Bearing Assembly

The NOV coiled tubing (CT) motor is an engineered solution for the CT market. 


This motor line was designed by NOV engineers specializing in coiled tubing and drilling motors to ensure the tool's ability to meet the demands of CT applications. We used our design methodology, best practices, years of senior experience, and field information from the wellsite to develop this product offering. The CT motor is not only reliable but also has many features applicable to the growing needs of the coiled tubing industry.

The bearing assembly is a sealed bearing unit that provides maximum tool life with low redress cost and class-leading torque ratings. With a zero-bypass sealed bearing assembly, the assembly delivers 100% flow to the mill for effective returns.

The slick, true-stated outside diameter (OD) options provide a comprehensive tool selection range to meet the well requirements. The titanium flex rod within the assembly is designed to deliver the longest stator life to meet the demands of extended-reach wells.

The CT motor is sold with the standard options for motors with the exception of the power section, which is purchased separately. Completely configured motors with additional options, such as a bent housing or rotor catch tools, are available.


  • High torque capacity; can be run with Hemidril™ or PowerPLUS™ CT stators
  • Sealed bearing assembly
  • Zero bypass
  • Slick, true-stated OD
  • Flex rod designed to maximize the stator life


  • Class-leading torque ratings
  • Eliminates downhole failures
  • Maximum tool life with low redress cost
  • 100% flow to the mill to reduce stuck bottomhole assemblies
  • Ease of assembly
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Close up of a single Coiled Tubing Motor Bearing Assembly