Drill Pipe Inspection

Critical inspections for challenging drilling environments


Inspection of new and used drill pipe

As the workhorse of downhole tubular strings, drill pipe is subjected to cyclic stresses in tension, compression, torsion, and bending, so its inspection is essential to detect defects related to manufacturing, handling, or drilling. Our drill pipe inspection services help ensure pipe is fit-for-service, improve drilling performance, and extend your drill pipe life cycle. We provide the necessary inspections for all drilling operations, including deviated and horizontal wellbores. Our comprehensive drill pipe inspection program assists in maximizing your drill string performance.

Ultrasonic (UT), electromagnetic inspection (EMI), magnetic particle (MPI), and multiple dimensional checks are used to detect defects that are crucial to preventing downhole failures, saving you potential downtime and reducing costs.

Our inspections are performed in-plant or in the field using proprietary Tuboscope inspection equipment and software. All tool joint and tubular inspection services are carried out in accordance with standards such as API, DS-1, and NS-2.

Tuboscope inspection equipment used:

  • TruPhase™ 360° – 2D Phased Array UT technology that uses a single two-dimensional array to transmit multi-directional ultrasonic beams in a single shot for simultaneous flaw detection
  • TruScan PA – Phased Array system that identifies pipe flaws at multiple orientations along with greater than 100% UT wall coverage for greater consistency and repeatability
  • TruMap™ – proprietary UT and laser technology that delivers accurate wall thickness values combined with precise outside diameter and length measurements
  • Sonoscope™ - detects transverse defects and three-dimensional defects such as pitting and holes
  • Amalog™ – EMI that detects longitudinal defects such as laps, seams, and gouges
  • TruScan™ – a full-body UT system measuring wall and defects at multiple orientations
  • TruSpec™ (mobile unit) –  detects service-induced defects, such as cracks, pitting, holes, and corrosion
  • Endsonic™ (mobile unit) – detects fatigue cracks in critical areas
  • EMI wall monitoring

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  • Drill String Services Brochure

  • TracID Drill Stem Lifecycle Management Flyer

  • TruData Reporting System Flyer

  • Drill Pipe Services Spec Sheet

Worker performing inspection of the male ends of drill pipe
Worker performing mobile drill pipe inspection
Worker inspecting drill pipe on offshore platform
People performing drill pipe inspection with both Grant Prideco and Tuboscope technologies

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