Field Bin Storage Trailer

Our WST-1600 trailer-mounted stationary bulk storage bins allow you to have readily available and accessible blended cement onsite.


Four ASME-code pneumatic storage silos are mounted on an open-frame trailer that can store up to 1,660 ft3 of bulk materials. The trailer is deployed empty to well locations and is easily setup onsite; the hydraulic landing legs are retracted, resting the trailer’s under-frame on the ground and allowing the trailer to support the weight of the stored bulk cement. Bulk cement is conveniently and quickly unloaded using a trailer-mounted air compressor, powered by an on-board diesel engine. 

When space utilization is a concern, we also offer the market’s largest vertical storage solution with our 1,610-ft3 vertical deployment system.

Dust control package

Our dust control package is designed for the Wilco™ WST-1600 field bin trailers and is a complete trailer-mounted, pneumatic, self-cleaning dust control solution. We have designed this solution for easy maintenance. With the no-tool system, just simply lift the filter access door, loosen the captive hardware, and remove the pulse accumulator. Then lift out the filter pack for easy replacement. The catch basin is designed to hold three sacks to allow full trailer loading without emptying the catch basin during a single operation.


Bulk Storage Trailer Specifications

Note: Trailer should only be transported empty.


47.0 ft 5.5 in. (14.47 m)


8 ft 6 in. (2.59 m)


13 ft 4 in. (4.06 m)

Total weight (empty)

37,100 lb (16 800 kg)

Weight at rear axles (empty*)

19,600 lb (8890 kg)

Unloaded kingpin weight

17,500 lb (7940 kg)

Bulk Storage Trailer Storage Vessel Specifications*

*Note: The tanks are designed per the ASME pressure vessel code for temperatures above -20 °F (-29 °C). Special low-temperature (-50 °F [-45.6 °C]) pressures can be optionally supplied.

Bulk storage tanks

Four 422-ft3 (12.0-m3) bulk storage tanks

Useable volume transport tanks

415 ft3 (11.8 m3)

Maximum allowable working pressure

40 psi at 250 °F (276 kPa at 121 °C)

Minimum design metal temperature

-20 °F at 40 psi (-29 °C at 276 kPa)

  • Bulk Storage Trailer Specification Sheet

  • Wilco Capabilities and Services Brochure

  • Pressure Pumping and Cementing 24-hour Support Contacts

  • Cementing Solutions Brochure

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