High-Volume Storage Silos

APPCO high-volume storage is our solution for massive storage and load-out of bulk materials such as frac-sand and other oilfield materials.



  • Bolt together design for shipping purposes
  • 12-in. air-operated discharge gate
  • Optional DCS-260 roof-mounted silo dust collector
  • Service platform for valves crossover platform
  • Two roto-bindicators per silo (one bin high and one bin low)
  • Two heavy-duty belts and bucket elevator
  • Electric drive motor with torque-arm speed reducer
  • Pressure Pumping and Cementing 24-hour Support Contacts

Rear side of High-Volume Storage Silos
Rear of High-Volume Storage Silos connected to train
High-Volume Storage Silos with train
Front of High-Volume Storage Silos connected to train

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