Internal TK Coatings

Unmatched tubular protection and performance in the most challenging environments.


The proven Tube-Kote™ (TK™) line of internal plastic coatings (IPCs) consistently sets the industry standard for corrosion and wear prevention, improving hydraulic efficiency and deposit mitigation.

As the pioneer of coating technology, today we continue to develop new coatings and enhance existing coatings to address the needs of every type of oilfield environment.

Drill pipe coatings

TK coatings extend the life of your drill pipe and improve drill string performance in even the most aggressive downhole environments, enduring all temperatures commonly encountered during drilling when circulation is maintained.

Our internal TK drill pipe coatings prevent corrosion, pitting, and associated fatigue that can result in washouts and twist-offs, which shut down drilling operations. Coated pipe also reduces friction, increases hydraulic efficiencies, and helps eliminate the build-up of harmful scale deposits.

To extend the longevity of the drill string, we recommend frequent drill pipe coating evaluations. 

Tube-Kote production and injection coatings

Oilfield tubulars are exposed to harsh downhole conditions, making protection against corrosion and wear essential. Using the appropriate Tube-Kote IPC will increase production rates, reduce downtime, and extend the lifespan of your tubulars. Our expansive line of TK-Coatings is developed to address your individual well conditions.

Line pipe coatings

TK coatings are used across a wide range of environments (H2S, CO2, etc.) in line pipe applications, providing maximum corrosion protection with improved hydraulic efficiency and flow assurance across a broad range of temperatures.

For accurate coating selection, please complete a coating evaluation form.

TK-Coatings in Geothermal Applications

Tuboscope’s proven line of TK™ Corrosion control products have been used in a variety of geothermal projects throughout the Netherlands, Germany and France since 2003. In addition to unmatched corrosion protection, Tube-Kote™ coatings prevent deposit mitigation and improve laminar flow efficiency.

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Stacked drill pipe with internal coating
Tuboscope worker inspecting internal TK coatings on drill pipe for QC
Drill pipe lance for applying internal Tuboscope coatings
Zap-Lok coating applied inside line pipe

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