Intervention and Stimulation Aftermarket Solutions

Reduce total cost of ownership of your coiled tubing, stimulation, acidizing, wireline, sand handling, and cementing equipment with our aftermarket solutions.


Complete aftermarket solutions

We maximize your performance and uptime, applying our unmatched, complete system knowledge and investment in networks of people, facilities, and technologies.

We make and support the world’s most advanced completions solutions. From stimulation and cementing to coiled tubing and wireline, our custom equipment solutions are backed by decades of engineering expertise. We continually push our own standards higher to deliver the safest, most efficient, and most reliable solutions available.

With thousands of pieces of equipment working around the world, we provide comprehensive aftermarket products and service solutions. Our integrated network of strategically located facilities provide technical support, field service, repair, spare parts, training, rentals, and field engineering. With a professional team available 24/7 to support you, we’re there when you need us to keep your equipment running and your customers satisfied.

We understand what it takes

Your equipment must perform at an optimum level. At NOV, we’ve created a safety net for your operations, allowing you to operate with less manpower. We have a total aftermarket solution that works with your operations and maintenance departments to keep your equipment up and running.

To ensure reliability throughout your equipment’s life, we offer extensive product maintenance programs that are customized to your needs and updated as needs change and evolve with the industry. Our processes are simple, transparent, and created with end users in mind.

By utilizing our extensive testing facilities, all equipment is verified prior to service, and any repair or modifications are validated before shipment.

Our offerings

Spare parts

We understand that the availability of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) spare parts is critical to your equipment’s uptime and reliability. Our complete parts-supply service offers individual components or ready-to-install assemblies. Customers can also be assured that this service provides top-quality components, as used in the original build process. Our after-hour on-call service provides both technical and parts support 24/7.

Repairs, recertifications, and rebuilds

Our service shops provide turnkey engineering solutions to repair, update, or standardize your original designs. This ensures that you are receiving the technical knowledge and latest advances for your worn or cold-stacked equipment.


To operate equipment at maximum performance and efficiency, we offer in-house, at-your-facility, or on-the-job training. Our structured educational programs are facilitated by industry experts calling on real-world experience and educating through actual scenarios. Our programs can be tailored to meet safety, maintenance, and operational performance per OEM standards.

Service and maintenance

Regularly scheduled maintenance increases the reliability and longevity of your equipment in addition to reducing the total cost of ownership. Our fully equipped facilities can accommodate all your service needs. As an added feature of our service and maintenance program, we offer long-term service and maintenance contracts. Recertification means that a product is tested and remanufactured (if needed) in accordance with the OEM specifications, third-party documentation, and with parts fitted that comply with the original specification and certification. We maintain this standard in all our global service locations, and recertified equipment performs to an identical standard as brand-new equipment.

Rental Equipment

We offer a broad range of rental equipment, including injectors, wireline and coiled tubing units, pressure control equipment for intervention operations, grease and hydraulic control/test modules, compressors, and various auxiliary equipment.

Technical Support

Our support team is based around the world and available 24 hours a day, enabling an immediate global response to client needs. These support centers help maximize the efficiency of our customers’ operations anytime and anywhere in the world. In addition, we have a dedicated professional engineering team to support our clients, which demonstrates our level of commitment to providing high-quality services.

Coiled tubing inventory, storage, and spooling

We are increasing our consignment stock to provide you with faster turnaround time when you need it most. This stock is designed to meet your specific requirements in the geographic region of your operations, providing you immediate delivery and improving your operational efficiency. In addition to storing specific stock strings, we can store used strings and spare reels for future use. Whether you need a new string spooled on or an old one spooled off, spooling services are available at all our service centers.

String repair and welding

We offer several different types of welding services at our service centers. For repairs, we work with you to determine how much tubing should be removed. Either a new section of like-grade tubing will be added, or remaining sections will be joined together with a tube-to-tube weld. For welding needs in the field, we have a team of welders with a combined 45 years of service who can come to your site to support your needs.

Coiled tubing testing and inspection

We offer full-body electromagnetic, visual, and dimensional inspections, and tube-to-tube weld nondestructive and hydrostatic testing at our global service centers.

Special projects

At Quality Tubing, we have the necessary equipment and the most experience to help with your special projects in a timely manner. These projects could include wireline installation, removal and inspection, concentric sting arrangements, and capillary installment.

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Spare parts
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Service and maintenance
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Repairs and rebuilds
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Finished goods inventory, storage, and spooling

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