ION+ Alpha 1-inch PDC Cutter Technology

Industry’s largest cutter maximizes ROP in applications where conventional-sized cutters offer limited performance.


Our 1-in. ION+™ Alpha cutter technology is designed to achieve maximum rate of penetration (ROP) in applications where performance is limited by conventional-sized cutters. The ION+ Alpha cutter is polished to increase efficiency in high depth-of-cut (DOC) applications and in various rock types.

The ION+ Alpha cutters are paired with our Tektonic™ drill bit philosophy to achieve record-breaking ROP runs with improved dulls in tough applications. Additionally, our proprietary drill bit modeling software allows us to take advantage of the ION Alpha cutter’s increased DOC without suffering from traditional reactive torque-related issues experienced in a wide range of drill bit sizes and applications.

The ReedHycalog team is always looking to improve their products, and the ION+ Alpha cutter will be further developed to incorporate ReedHycalog’s most advanced shaped-cutter technologies. Shaped cutters deliver the highest possible ROP without sacrificing durability, and they’re designed using state-of-the-art testing equipment that provides an in-depth understanding of rock-failure mechanics. ReedHycalog engineers combine these understandings with extensive full-bit lab tests that will help optimize ION+ Alpha shaped cutter placement and deliver new levels of cutter performance for our customers.

ION+ Alpha 1-inch cutter

  • Maximizes ROP by increasing the available DOC
  • Increases cutter life through ION application-specific cutters grades
  • Highly polished diamond surface reduces friction, improves efficiency, and avoids balling in high DOC applications
  • Further improves drilling efficiency by implementing the latest shaped cutter technology

Tektonic design philosophy and proprietary design software

  • Allows engineers to balance aggressivity and reactive torque
  • Minimizes instabilities that lead to durability and steerability issues

Durability – confirmed impact-resistance improvement over traditional cutter sizes

Stability – established performance on bent-housing motors and in interbedded applications, meeting all directional objectives

Steerability – consistent torsional response with excellent tool-face control in directional applications

Efficiency – field-validated ROP improvement under the same parameters in high DOC and balling applications

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