Managed Pressure Drilling Systems

From rotating control devices and managed pressure drilling manifolds to full drilling control network integration and engineering services, the Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) product line helps manage every drilling operation.


Our Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) product line provides value-added and sustainable solutions to help you manage the most challenging drilling environments.

As a complete MPD solution with the highest reliability and quality standards, our systems are available as either standard packages or fit-for-purpose for land, shelf, and deepwater sectors. We offer scalable customization of our products that can be installed as either standalone or fully integrated into Cyberbase or Amphion control systems and are compatible with the NOVOS reflexive drilling system. Our integrated systems bring a seamless and fluid experience for the driller, as well as making operations safer and more efficient. We also offer all well engineering services, MPD well design, and skilled and trained personnel to support your operations.

In connection with its sales and rental of MPD equipment and support, NOV also collaborates with drilling companies and operators in the preparation of feed studies evaluating particular applications of MPD equipment and support services.

Learn about our wide array of WellSite Services products that service the wellbore and streamline logistics, including shakers, centrifuges, below grade well cellars, generators, and more.

  • Industry's first truly integrated MPD control system advances offshore drilling efficiency - 2021 World Oil editorial

  • Giving control back to the driller; Fully integrated MPD system - 2022 World Oil editorial

End-to-end portfolio of managed pressure drilling products and services

We've added to our portfolio of industry leading managed pressure drilling operations. With our new additions, we can provide the complete end to end MPD package for the most challenging drilling operations.

1500SE MPD System

The 1500SE Managed Pressure Drilling Choke and Control system takes the pressure control precision to another level by using an electric choke and a state-of-the-art controller algorithm. The 1500SE control system is built for performance and reliability using an electrically actuated choke and triple redundant wellbore pressure sensors. The 1500SE offers a complete set of automated features to improve the operational performance with MPD. Customers can use the 1500SE system as a free-standing system with a dedicated NControl HMI or can choose to integrate with NOVOS™ using the NControl MPD App.

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1500S MPD System

The 1500S is a fit for purpose system which combines a complete set of MPD automated features with the field proven experience of the NOV’s HXE Hydraulic choke. Our choke manifold and control system has been proven for use in many MPD applications and is most suitable for land drilling operations.

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5000S Choke Manifold

The 5000S Managed Pressure Drilling Choke and Control System is designed for use in a wider range of MPD applications and is suitable for land, shelf, and offshore drilling operations. The Managed Pressure Drilling control system allows automatic control of the choke, with a complete list of automated features, the 5000S system can also be connected to the powerful NOV Comprehensive Hydraulics Model that provides a real time pressure response, given any changes in the drilling parameters in order to keep bottomhole pressure constant in a defined anchor point.

The MPD Control System supports Dual Choke Mode. This enables manual control of secondary choke while primary choke is in automatic mode. The system can also be configured to automatically swap chokes if a fault is detected or it is unable to reach the target setpoint by using the primary choke.  If needed, chokes can be swapped from primary control to secondary control while in operation at the same time maintaining the target wellbore pressure

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Buffer Manifold

The buffer manifold is designed to route flow without a need to reconfigure piping. The buffer manifold can be used as part of advanced drilling systems, either in a riser gas handling system or as part of a full managed pressure drilling (MPD) system including pressurized mud cap drilling. NOV can provide a complete set of solutions to turn any rig to become MPD-Ready.

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MPD Buffer Manifold

Route flow in a variety of advanced drilling systems without reconfiguring piping.

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Choke Manifold: 5000S

Offers simple operation and maintenance suitable for most land and shelf drilling operations.

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1500S MPD System

Primary finite pressure control for common managed pressure drilling (MPD) applications in land drilling operations.

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