MPD Buffer Manifold

Route flow in a variety of advanced drilling systems without reconfiguring piping.


The buffer manifold is designed to route flow without the need to reconfigure piping. The buffer manifold can be used as part of advanced drilling systems, either in a riser gas handling system or as part of a full managed pressure drilling (MPD) system, including pressurized mud cap drilling. NOV can provide a complete set of solutions to turn any rig into an MPD-Ready rig.


  • Local control panel with remote interface 
    • Enables local or remote operation and integration with MPD system and riser gas handling system
    • Amphion™ and Cyberbase™ ready
  • Electrically actuated valves with manual override 
    • Provide precise control and reliable operation 
  • Valve position, pressure, and temperature sensors
    • Provide control verification and real-time detection of failures
  • DNV 2.7-1–compliant lifting points with ISO 1161 corners
    • Ease of transport
  • API 6A valves and blocks
    • Industry-standard components 
  • Full drip tray with 1-in. NPT drain
    • Spill protection and easy clean-up

Buffer Manifold Specifications

Working pressure 3,000 psi
Area classification Class I, Division 1
Service Sour NACE MR0175
API standards API 6A
Flange size 5⅛ in.
Equalization line 21⁄16 in.
Relief lines 3-in. Fig. 1502
Performance requirement PR-1
Ambient temperature -4 to +113 °F (-20 to 45 °C)
Valve type Anson E-type gate
Valve actuation Electric
Relief valve Titan Class RX
Flange ring groove inlay CRA 625
Dimensions (L × W × H) 173 × 95 × 87 in.
Weight 27,780 lbm
Lifting DNV 2.7-1
  • MPowerD MPD Buffer Manifold Spec Sheet

  • Industry's first truly integrated MPD control system advances offshore drilling efficiency - 2021 World Oil editorial

  • Giving control back to the driller; Fully integrated MPD system - 2022 World Oil editorial

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