Rhino Tubular Handling Systems

The industry’s most trusted system for lifting and handling of tubulars.


Tuboscope MSI’s Rhino™ tubular handling systems have provided a efficient, cost-effective method for safely transporting tubular products in offshore and onshore applications. Our Rhino product has been the preferred system for preventing damage to expensive chrome-alloy tubulars for decades. Load-tested frames are available for a variety of pipe sizes, and our technology is certified and DNV approved.


The Rhino legacy of rugged performance

  • MSI Pipe Protection Technologies pioneered composite frames in 1978, and some original frames are still in service.
  • The Rhino system is designed to DNVGL-ST-0378/BS EN 12079 type approval.


Wide, elastomeric bearing surfaces keep tubes apart, immobile, and free from any damage

  • Free-draining and self-drying Rhino systems eliminate standing water contact and inhibits pipe corrosion.
  • Reduced stacking time; stock control, inspection, and drifting made easy.
  • All pipes, particularly high-chrome design, are maintained in pristine condition at the lowest possible cost.


The Rhino system ensures that your initial investment will last for years

  • The steel/elastomer construction gives long life even in the most severe conditions.
  • Built beyond all safety recommendations to ensure the frames withstand impact and rugged handling.


Each frame set is designed to safely lift and handle far more weight than it will ever carry

  • Over-engineered Rhino strength not only keeps your stock and frames free from damage, it also ensures safety during handling for the crew, the transport used, and the public at large.

Features and Benefits

  • 12-ton lift
  • Scalloped molds to prevent metal-to-metal contact
  • Field proven for decades in the North Sea
  • Collapsible system saves space in offshore operations
  • Frames can be returned in half height
  • DNVGL-ST-0378/BS EN 12079 type approval
  • Stackable system
  • Ability to inspect and drift pipe in frames
  • Easy to pre-tally and number frames/pipe onshore for running order offshore
  • Save rig time and money with onshore pre-tally
  • Over-engineered strength built into frames for added safety
  • Ability to break down frames after pipe run frees up valuable space on rig floor
  • Broken down frames offload approximately 20-plus sets of frames in one-half height
  • Safe and easy system for yard staff to load, saving time and requiring less effort
  • Full training backup available for loading pipe into frames
  • Frames are manufactured to individual sizes of pipe for complete protection in transport
  • Sizes accommodate 2 3/8 to 9 5/8 in.
  • MSI Rhino Tubular Handling Systems Brochure

Loaded Rhino Tubular Handling Systems
Rhino Handling Systems
Stacked Rhino Tubular Handling Systems in warehouse
Rhino Tubular Handling Systems in field

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