Riser Pull-In Systems

Complete systems for riser pull-in operations can be made by using several types of winch technology. Focusing on production riser handling and installation, we offer tailored riser pull-in systems for FPSOs and platforms.


NOV’s comprehensive range of winch and/or chain jack designs is used for optimal and cost-effective solutions.

Riser pull-in designs:

  • Linear- and rotary-actuated steel wire rope systems
  • Synthetic fiber-rope systems
  • Linear and rotary actuated chain-based systems
  • Combined mooring system pull-in winch
  • Standard riser pull-in winch: buoy pull-in winch or A&R winch

Features and benefits:

  • Complete system packages
  • Supply of trained personnel for assistance during installation, commissioning, operation, and maintenance of the systems
  • System suitable for all markets and locations
  • State-of-the-art technology 
  • Ease of maintenance and global aftermarket support
  • Combined solutions with riser pull-in systems, mooring, and offloading


  • Fixed deck sheaves with load-monitoring system
  • Movable sheaves and trolley 
  • Transport trolleys
  • Trolleys prepared for installation of equipment for coiled tubing and diving operations
  • Operators cabin
  • Wire spooling system
  • All-electrical drive
  • Optimized balcony designs to allow for integrated solutions with increased safety

Riser Pull-In Technical Specifications

* HPU customized to customer needs * CE marked, any zone, lebus/flat drum fiber or wire rope. Table contains one-layer rope winch; several-layer rope winch is also available
Model Pull Capacity Weight Drive Pull-In Wire Rope Length
PW175 175 mt 15 000 kg Hydraulic or all-electric drive options available Up to 800 m
(more on request)
PW250 250 mt 20 000 kg
PW400 400 mt 30 000 kg
PW500 500 mt 40 000 kg
PW600 600 mt 50 000 kg
PW800 800 mt 55 000 kg
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A Lifetime of Lifting

We can help you with repairs, refurbishment, and exchanges. With a wide variety of spare parts available in our global warehouses, we supply the support you need for a successful operation. By performing annual surveys with additional performance checks, we help you maximize the use of your assets.

All-electric option for Riser Pull-in system
All-electric options
Wire spooling system for Riser Pull in System
Wire spooling system
Riser Pull in System on FPSO production vessel
Riser pull-in system on an FPSO production vessel
Riser Pull in System integrated solution
Integrated solutions
Moveable sheaves and trolley for Riser Pull in System
Moveable sheaves and trolley