Steady Top Feeder Vessel

Wind Installation Series


Next to the successful Wind Turbine installation Jack-up range, GustoMSC has added a novel floating feeder solution. This specially designed transport vessel is able to load WTG components in port and transport them to the field. At site, in dynamic positioning mode, a dedicated WTI Jack-up will be able to lift-off WTG components safely from a motion compensation platform while maximizing workability in the offshore environment. 


Motion compensated Lift-Off to a fixed WTI Jack-up

  • Integrated skidding system with high operability and autonomy
  • Port access: Low air-draft, hull width and shallow draft
  • Port loading: By multi-wheelers or by port crane
  • Multi-purpose transport capability with large open deck
  • World wide unrestricted transit
  • Designed to minimize environmental footprint
  • Dual fuel ready, space for optional LNG fuel tanks
  • The STFV design can be customized to meet client specific requirements
  • Steady Top Feeder Vessel Data Sheet

  • Offshore Wind Installation and Maintenance Brochure

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