Subsea Produced Water Treatment Technology System

Take your produced water treatment process to the seabed with robust and consistently performing technology.


Existing platforms are struggling to run at optimum oil production volumes, as their produced water has reached maximum capacity, posing challenges in process optimization. Due to restricted space and weight, a topside process system expansion may not be technically or economically feasible. We can eliminate the bottleneck by utilizing a subsea processing solution.

Our Produced Water Treatment Technology (PWTT) system is the ideal solution to enhance oil and gas production in constrained environments. By taking water production to the seabed, you win unparalleled flexibility as well as an economical and viable alternative or suitable add-on to existing topside process equipment.

Our PWTT system is simple and robust in design and can be tailored to any location, at any depth, and process requirements, as well as maximizing flow assurance through:

  • Extended subsea production for cases where the topside water treatment plant is running out of capacity
  • Increased flow capacity of hydrocarbons in tiebacks, reduce back pressure on the production wells (weight of water in risers)
  • Reduced injection rate and consumption of hydrate inhibitors in tieback flowlines, reduce/alleviate hydrate issues

The PWTT acts as the last separation stage, evening out variations in the outlet water quality (from an upstream separator), and delivers water quality of dispersed Oil-in-Water of 10 ppm(wt) or lower. The treated water produced by our technology can be directly discharged to sea or re-injected into the reservoir. This polishing technology is designed to maximize the regularity of operation with gravimetric separation, and robust baffle plates. Our PWTT is an energy-efficient solution and can eliminate surface facilities associated with water treatment, reducing overall investment and operational costs.

Module description

Main Function



Maximize regularity of operation delivering water quality for direct discharge to sea (or re-injected into the reservoir)

Clean water disposal. Water quality of dispersed Oil-in-Water of 10 ppm(wt)

Upstream Separator

First stage in produced water treatment. Removal of free and dispersed oil droplets from produced water.

Water ready for polishing and last separation stage

Sand Accumulator

Removal of solids in the produced water treatment process

Sand control and solids disposal

Reject Module

Reject stream handling

Reject stream control

NOV's Offshore Production Solutions leverage our recognized and long-standing proficiency, experience, and diverse process and production systems. Uniting economical design, superior technologies, and integrated systems, we enable our clients to optimize upstream operations and unlock full field potential.

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