TCS Hardbanding

Tuboscope’s TCS hardbanding provides industry-leading tool joint and casing protection.


With locations in all major oilfields, we manufacture, apply, and sell our proprietary TCS™ hardband wire to customers around the globe. Our continuous research into new alloys as overlay materials supports customers while raising the benchmark for tool joint wear protection.

Further increase productivity, lower costs, and gain greater reliability from your drill strings with our Tuboscope alloys, capable of expanding tool joint protection to a wider range of downhole applications.

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TCS-Titanium Hardbanding

The most durable, crack-free, casing-friendly hardband available worldwide. New testing that simulates challenging drilling environments proves TCS-Titanium outperforms all other crack-free hardband materials in durability and casing wear protection.

Like all TCS products, TCS-Titanium exhibits unlimited field reapplication capabilities over other TCS products and select competitive products without removal of existing hardbanding.

Tuboscope TCS-Titanium is a martensitic chrome-titanium carbide alloy with molybdenum. This popular hardbanding choice features high-stress abrasion resistance and the ability to resist cracking and spalling.

TCS-Titanium is manufactured as a self-shielding, flux-cored, 2.4-mm open-arc welding wire.

TCS-Titanium Features/Benefits

  • Dense and uniform grain structure
  • Tolerant to variations in pre- and post-temperatures
  • >56 Rc (undiluted weld metal hardness)
  • Controlled single-pass application
  • Removal of previously applied TCS titanium not required
  • Can be repaired in remote locations
  • Minimal flux residues
  • Total overlay integrity with tool joint
  • Extremely low coefficient of friction
  • High stress abrasion resistance
  • Impact, cracking, and spalling resistant
  • No shielding gas required
  • Casing-friendly hardbanding

TCS-8000 Hardbanding

TCS-8000 is our most casing-friendly hardbanding and a highly refined premium-grade overlay chrome alloy for tool joints and hardbanding applications. The addition of nickel, vanadium, and molybdenum offers enhanced resistance to abrasion, corrosion, impact, and wear.

Comparative testing sponsored by major operators proved that no other material is more casing friendly. Capable of unlimited field reapplications over all TCS products and other approved hardbands, TCS-8000 is a proven performer.

TCS-8000 is manufactured as a self-shielding, 3/32-in. (2.4-mm), flux-cored, open-wire arc designed for good all-around performance and maximum casing protection.

TCS-8000 Features/Benefits

  • Extremely smooth overlay as deposited
  • Dense, uniform grain structure
  • Tolerant to variations in pre- and post-temperatures
  • Minimal flux residues; self-releasing
  • >56 Rc (undiluted weld metal hardness)
  • Can be applied over itself
  • Can be resurfaced multiple times
  • Impact and corrosion resistant
  • No shielding gas required
  • Withstands MPI inspection virtually crack free

TCS-XL Hardbanding

TCS-XL is a high-performance niobium carbide hardband product with increased performance and welding characteristics when compared to competitive niobium carbide products. When applied over TCS-Ti, the blend of both chemistries delivers exceptional durability and performance.

Non-Mag Hardbanding

Developed specifically for nonmagnetic drill colloars, TCS-Non-Mag offers more than twice the durability of competitive Mig (GMAW) applied nonmagnetic hardband wires applied as a standalone material or with the addition of tungsten cardbides. The welding characteristics of this material virtually eliminate high heat inputs in the welding process, preventing hot spots.

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