Tektonic Drill Bits

Achieve maximum drilling efficiency with the latest generation of polycrystalline diamond cutter (PDC) drill bit technology.


Every ReedHycalog™ Tektonic™ drill bit is specifically tailored to your operation with designs that are optimized for every part of the drilling process, helping you achieve maximum performance. Featuring advanced bit body geometry and the latest generation of PDC cutter technology, our drill bits increase your rate of penetration (ROP), minimize nonproductive time (NPT), and deliver lower costs per foot, improving the efficiency of your operation.

Tektonic drill bits have been proven in field runs around the globe, achieving numerous field records to date. With the expertise of our regional design engineers, we can help you tailor the bit for the best results in your formation.

Targeting your regional needs

Our regional drill bit series incorporates an innovative combination of ION™ cutters, torque control components, and improved hydraulics to deliver greater reliability and effectiveness. To date, we’ve seen great success in the Middle East , Latin America, the United States, Canada, and most recently Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa. Stay tuned, as we continue to introduce regional drill bits into other areas around the world.

Empowering sustainable energy 

Geothermal drilling applications are known for igneous and volcanic rocks that result in hard and abrasive formation characteristics. The right drill bit solution is a vital component for overcoming these challenging environments, and that’s why we introduced the high-performance Phoenix™ series drill bits for geothermal applications. Based on the field-proven, technically advanced Tektonic drill bit platform with industry leading ION cutter technology and customized features, our Phoenix bit will help you drill farther and faster in geothermal environments.

Initiate rock failure

Extensive research of efficient rock failure is incorporated into the design of each Tektonic drill bit. We integrate the latest-generation technology to achieve maximum ROP for each fraction of energy expended in drilling by initiating rock failure as efficiently as possible. Building on high-performance ION PDC cutters, our latest technology, ION shaped cutters, increase ROP, improve drilling efficiency in all rock types, and reduce bit balling by using low-friction cutting surfaces that enable cuttings to move up the front face of the cutter more efficiently.

Improved directional control

Using ORBIT, our proprietary analysis software, the cutting structure and TORC™ component relationship can be simulated to identify an optimal depth of cut (DOC). Modifying the number and location of components, our engineers can set the bit to a desired DOC, thus keeping ROP at acceptable levels. Optimizing the TORC component will reduce torque fluctuations, keeping the bit oriented and eliminating costly slides and corrections.

Cutter temperature stability

Advancements in PDC material development and drill bit design tools improve cutter life, increasing ROP and interval lengths. Cutters thermally break down and weaken due to prolonged exposure to elevated temperatures that are a result of frictional heat. Extensive PDC development and testing of thermal stability have improved cutter life, keeping bits sharper longer. The proper cooling of the cutter will also significantly improve cutter life. Every new drill bit is designed with a novel and proprietary heat transfer analysis that predicts cutter temperature and cooling rate from hydraulics. Cutter life improvements come from distributing more fluid flow to cutters that perform more work and experience higher frictional heat.

Maximize cuttings evacuation

To evacuate cuttings more efficiently and minimize the potential for bit balling in sticky formations, each cutter is incrementally offset from adjacent cutters at an optimized interval. The incremented cut profile also reduces the amount of energy required to fail the rock.

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Top render of a red Pursuit drill bit
Front facing render of a red Pursuit drill bit

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