Tubing Inspection Services

Uncover defects and identify critical downhole conditions that can shorten the life of your tubing string with Tuboscope inspection services.



Despite stringent mill quality control programs, new oilfield tubulars can still contain manufacturing process defects and incur damage during handling and transit, making a thorough inspection program critical. Regular inspection of tubing ensures pipe is fit-for-purpose, optimizes tubing performance, extends run life, and helps you identify critical downhole conditions that can shorten tubing life or result in a costly failure.

Inspection of new tubing is performed in one of our Tuboscope facilities around the world.

All inspections are performed by ASNT-qualified Level I and II inspectors using Tuboscope’s proven technologies, proprietary inspection equipment, and software.

Manufacturing defects we identify in new tubing

  • Seams and overlaps
  • Rolled-in slugs and pits
  • Longitudinal cracks
  • Transverse cracks
  • Thin wall/eccentricity
  • Hardness variations

Tuboscope equipment used for in-plant inspection:

  • TruScan™ and Truscope™ – A full-body ultrasonic (UT) system measuring wall and detecting defects at multiple orientations
  • TruPhase™ 360° – 2D Phased Array UT technology that uses a single two-dimensional Array to transmit multidirectional ultrasonic beams in a single shot for simultaneous flaw detection
  • TruScan PA – Phased Array system that identifies pipe flaws at multiple orientations along with over 100% UT wall coverage for greater consistency and repeatability
  • TruscopeAS™ – Single-pass, full-body UT and EMI inspection
  • Amalog™ – Detects longitudinal defects such as laps, seams, and gouges
  • Sonoscope™ – Detects transverse defects and three-dimensional defects such as pitting and holes
  • Wall Data – Per joint spreadsheet providing minimum, maximum, and average wall values
  • Wall Profile – Per joint spreadsheet providing minimum, maximum, and average wall values at selected segments along the length of the pipe
  • Wall Mapping – Complete recording of all wall values

Common defects found in used tubing

  • Corrosion pitting
  • Rod wear
  • Erosion
  • Mechanical damage
  • Thread and coupling damage

Inspection of used tubing can be performed on-site or in a Tuboscope facility.

Tuboscope equipment used for on-site inspections:

  • Amalog (EMI)
  • Sonoscope (EMI)
  • Full-Length Drift (FLD) – Detects mashes, dents, and incorrect weight
  • WellChek™ – Wellsite inspection system that combines EMI, Isolog (gamma), and eddy current inspection for detection of internal and external defects
  • TuboChekC1D1 – Similar to our WellChek system, TuboChekC1D1 uses the same reporting and database software, providing you real-time tubing inspection, data management, and evaluation of your used tubing. Unique to this system is a flux integration method for detecting wall loss and flux leakage-based rod stroke detection.

Associated tubing services

  • Laser tally
  • Hydrostatic/pressure testing
  • Gator Hawk external leak detection thread test
  • NORM (Natural Occurring Radioactive Material)testing
  • Saltwater/chloride testing and remediation
  • Cleaning
  • Coupling inspection, removal, and replacement
  • Bucking services
  • Hardness testing
  • Rig prep and well return
  • Pipe maintenance and storage
  • Tubular packaging services (bolstering, bundling, preslinging, and palletizing)
  • Transportation in select areas
  • Buy/sell programs in select areas
  • Tuboscope Production Services Catalog

  • Tubing Services Spec Sheet

  • WellChek II and WellTrak Tubing Inspection Flyer

  • TuboChek C1D1 Non-Gamma Wellsite Tubing Inspection System Flyer

  • TruPhase 360 Flyer

  • TruScan Phased-Array Ultrasonic Pipe Inspection Flyer

A secured tube ready for inspection
Image of a truck performing WellChek onsite inspectioi
Image of a stack of tubing to be inspected with an NOV employee in the background.

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