TerraSEAL Twin Flapper Check Valve

Prevent the backflow of well fluids into the coiled tubing with our twin flapper check valve.


The byproduct of larger and larger coiled tubing strings has been higher and higher volume requirements. Higher flow rates through the same size tools exponentially increase the effects of erosion. Erosion can have devastating consequences as it can eventually damage the check valve's integrity and ultimately leave you vulnerable to the well's pressure.

Additionally, the high-frequency pressure pulses generated by today's extended reach tools can induce fluttering that introduces cyclical fatigue to the flapper valve's mechanical components. Engineered to withstand the rigors of today's high-pulsating flow environment, the TerraSEAL™ Twin Flapper Check Valves provides you long-lasting reliability in today's more demanding applications.

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Vertical render of a TerraSEAL Twin Flapper Check Valve
Horizontal render of a TerraSEAL Twin Flapper Check Valve

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