• BPS™ (Burst Port System) Multistage

    Our patented BPS™ features a casing collar with premilled frac ports designed to open at precise pressures, providing operators more control over the diversion of their fractures. BPS uses our selective stimulation straddle tool technology, allowing repeatable, selective isolation of downhole intervals for pinpoint stimulation treatments. Once hydraulic fracturing of the zone is completed, the tool can be quickly re-positioned to the next BPS casing collar to repeat the process. The straddle tool can be pulled out of the well once completed, allowing immediate production without the need to drill out plugs or ball seats. BPS is typically used in horizontal multistage completions, where ball-drop fracture treatments are not desirable.

    BPS™ (Burst Port System) Multistage



    • Manufactured to any casing specification
    • Customized ports for desired flow area
    • Full bore ID maintained by collar
    • High temperature application, up to 232° C (450° F)


    • Reduced operational risk by eliminating the need for workover rig, or wireline
    • No ID restriction for easy passage of cementing equipment


    • Cemented and openhole horizontal multistage completions
    • Selective fracturing with coiled tubing or jointed pipe
    • Acid or proppant fracturing
    • Under pressure reservoirs where frav balls will not flow back easily