• Bullmastiff Original (MO)

    The Bullmastiff™ Original (MO) is an open hole, ball drop activated multistage frac system that incorporates proppant and formation debris control. Preventing proppant flow back is achieved with the use of sand screens that are exposed post-frac to begin production. Utilizing a mechanical method of sand control, the Bullmastiff MO enhances well economics over the lifetime of the well by reducing surface facility requirements and providing production efficiencies. 



    The Bullmastiff sliding sleeves evolved from our industry-leading Flex Seat technology. The Bullmastiff MO is a ball drop closable sleeve that allows for open sleeves to be closed without the loss of ball drop stages for the completion. The screen subs are activated during milling operations and securely locked in the open position. 



    • Ball drop operated
    • No rate limiting coiled tubing strings in the well throughout stimulation
    • Configurable sand screen for any proppant design
    • Sand screens are fully protected during stimulation
    • Only one ball is dropped per stage
    • Drillable cast iron ball seats for easy mill out
    • Can be run with hydraulically activated or swellable packers


    • Pumping operations are similar to traditional open hole ball drop operations
    • Maintain stage count of open hole ball drop applications
    • "Open, frac, close" - Each sleeve is closed after treatment
    • Proppant flowback and formation debris control saves time, money and well maintenance
    • Unlike standard OH completions, the Bullmastiff does not put the casing at risk of exceeding the collapse pressure of the casing between the packers
    • Fracturing/ stimulating unconsolidated reservoirs
    • Wellbores that have sand control concerns at surface
    • Wellbores with casing collapse issues due to high frac differential pressures