• Burst Port System-Integrated Seat (BPS-iS)

    BPS-iS™ is a toe initiation valve with an integrated seat and ball isolation mechanism. It allows the casing string to be pressure-tested to pressures above the toe-valve initiation pressure. After flow is initiated, a ball is dropped, lands on the seat and isolates the nozzle section. this operation allows pressure-testing of the casing. Post testing, the ball dissolves, and passes through the seat enabling flow to resume.

    Burst Port System-Integrated Seat (BPS-iS)



    • Toe valve with an integrated ball/seat isolation mechanism
    • No moving parts
    • Millable seat
    • Full ID after optional seat mill out
    • Dissolvable activating ball
    • Manufactured to match casing size, weight, material and thread type


    • Decouples casing pressure test and flow initiation operation
    • No costly intervention for activation or re-establishment of flow
    • Simple integrated design with no complex operations sequencing
    • Can be run as part of a variety of multistage fracturing systems


    • Wells that require 100% casing pressure integrity testing
    • Wells in jurisdictions requiring casing integrity tests
    • Flow initiation pressure cannot exceed test pressure