• Bulldog Frac System

    The Bulldog Frac™ System is a versatile and robust means of conducting an annular stimulation through the Bulldog Frac™ sleeves. Eliminating wellbore restrictions means operators can push the limits of each treatment and maximize wellbore productivity. Each sleeve is located with an active locating system, shifted and stimulated by isolating the wellbore with a multi-set packer. Pumping down the coiled tubing annulus permits higher pumping rates and allows for better understanding of fracture geometry and dynamics.

    Bulldog Frac System




    • Proven packer system designed to withstand up to 69,000 kPa (10,000 psi) differential
    • Slim design and improved clearances over the industry standard
    • Integral abrasive perforating tool
    • Active sleeve locating system
    • Each sleeve provides accurate depth location during the shifting operations
    • Includes two memory gauges, above and below the packer
    • Pinpoint fracture initiation in cemented applications


    • Increased pumping efficiency and rate with slim design
    • No stage count limitations
    • Fullbore design ensures no choking of production
    • Abrasive perforation contingency allows for "on-the-fly" increase to the number of stimulated intervals
    • Compact and lightweight sleeves can be easily handled on the rig floor
    • Utilizes the deadleg for fracture diagnostics
    • Ability to pump down the coiled tubing to mitigate an impending screenout


    • Completions requiring reliable, single point of entry
    • Formations with a high frequency of screenouts
    • High stage count stimulation designs
    • Wells requiring abrasive perforating