• Dissolving Frac Balls

    The dissolvable frac ball technology works together with our open hole and cemented i-Frac sleeves to achieve optimal downhole zonal isolation, without the need for chemicals or mill outs/ drill outs. The balls are able to retain structural integrity under high temperatures and differential pressures for a specific range of time, dependent upon fluid conditions in the wellbore, before dissolving. This ability to predictably degrade over time, combined with the i-Frac system, allows operators increased job efficiency without the need for flowing back frac balls and post frac intervention.



    Features & Benefits:


    • Degrades predictably over time while in contact with fluid and temperature
    • Requires no mill out/ drill out after fracturing operations
    • Requires no chemicals or acids
    • High compressive strength capabilities
    • Strict tolerances held on ball diameter (OD)