• Full Flow Toe Valve

    Traditionally, tubing-conveyed perforation guns have been the necessary means of gaining access to the formation at the toe of a cemented horizontal well for the commencement of completion operations. This perforation method requires expensive equipment and complicated operations to achieve what the High Flow Toe Valve can accomplish at a fraction of the cost by eliminating the need for a rig or coiled tubing unit. Our High Flow Toe Valve uses pressure-activated rupture disks to isolate a protected sleeve. When the predetermined activation pressure is applied at surface the rupture disks burst allowing pressure to shift the sleeve open establishing a large flow path to the formation. The High Flow Toe Valve is integrated into the production casing and compatible with most cementing plugs and float equipment.

    High Flow Toe Valve Fracturing
    Due to the large flow path achieved by the High Flow Toe Valve a stimulation can be achieved with limited friction through the tool. Multiple High Flow Toe Valves can be used throughout the wellbore to treat lateral length if required.

    Full Flow Toe Valve



    • Manufactured to any casing specification
    • High Flow area to allow minimal friction through the tool
    • Large ID to accommodate cement wiper plugs
    • High temperature application, up to 450F (232C)


    • Significant cost and time savings compared to traditional toe perforation methods
    • Reduced operational risk by eliminating the need for coiled tubing or workover rig
    • 100% casing pressure test available when combined with i-Seat technology


    • Cemented or openhole horizontal multistage completions
    • Acid or proppant fracturing
    • Toe-frac initiation for plug and perf, and other cemented installations