• i-Frac CEM Wiper Plug & Landing Collar

    The Solid Body Dart Latch Collar is a field-proven assembly designed to positively lock a NOV Latch Down Wiper Dart. Elastomeric seals on the wiper dart nose seal within the latch collar assembly to provide pressure integrity from above and below, while a locking slip firmly locks the dart in place. A solid “no-go” ensures the dart cannot be pumped through the latch collar assembly when pressure is applied from above.

    i-Frac CEM Wiper Plug & Landing Collar



    • Fully configurable wiper dart design
    • Single piece body with no potential leak paths
    • Millable internal latch insert. ƒ Positive locking mechanism
    • Solid “no-go” design


    • Wiper dart can be configured in a variety of ways to accommodate monobore casing, tapered strings, liners and ball-drop sleeves
    • Locking mechanism prevents the dart from becoming unseated after the cementing operation to ensure the wellbore integrity remains intact


    • Cemented liner and monobore completions
    • Cemented ball-drop sleeve systems
    • High differential pressure applications that require wellbore integrity up to 69 MPa (10,000 psi)