• i-Seat

    The i-Seat™ is a field-proven ball seat sub which is run as an integral part of the completion string. The sub is a very simple and robust tool compatible with our dissolvable frac ball technology and can be run for either a pressure test or for setting packers. It can also be used in applications where the operator wants to shut off circulation/injection, or isolate a certain portion of the completion for a temporary amount of time.




    • Drillable cast iron ball seats for easy mill out
    • Anti-rotation seat to prevent the seat from spinning during mill out
    • Configurable with different seat sizes to meet pressure test requirements
    • Compatible with dissolvable frac ball technology – frac balls that degrade over a calculated time period in the presence of temperature and fluid, which allows production to begin without well intervention


    • Pressure testing the liner/completion string above to values that exceed the operational pressure of the toe initiation sleeves
    • Provide a solid seat for the flex style sleeves above
    • Can be placed above the flex sleeves to allow testing liner integrity after the frac is completed


    • Deep, highly deviated wells
    • Used to pressure test the liner
    • Optimum with multistage frac system for extended reach laterals
    • Cemented and openhole applications