• i-Frac CEM

    The i-Frac CEM™ is a ball drop activated multistage frac sleeve designed for cemented horizontal completions. The system is installed as an integrated part of the lower completion string. Multiple stages can be installed in a wellbore, with each stage containing between 1 to 20 sliding sleeves. Once installed, the system is cemented in place as a normal casing string and a specially designed wiper dart is pumped from surface to ensure that the pipe ID and ball seats are wiped free of cement. For each stage, one ball is pumped from surface to open all sleeves in the given stage. The frac job can be carried out in a continuous pumping operation with no prep time between stages.

    i-Frac CEM



    • Ball drop operated
    • Designed for cemented applications
    • Configurable nozzles and shear pressures
    • 1/6 in., 1/8 in., 1/10 in., 1/12 in., and 1/16 in. seat increments
    • Between 1 and 20 sleeves per stage
    • No explosives required on location
    • Drillable cast iron ball seats for easy mill out
    • Proven field success across all major plays
    • Compatible with dissolvable frac ball technology - frac balls that degrade over a calculated time period in the presence of temperature and fluid, allowing production operations to begin with no well intervention
    • Max number of stages:
      • 21 stages for 4.5 in.
      • 29 stages for 5.5 in.
    • Increased time and cost efficiency compared with traditional plug and perf methods
    • Ability to employ continuous pumping operations
    • Excellent zonal isolation
    • Optimized fracture initiation
    • Multiple stages per well
    • Maximizes reservoir contact
    • Reduces HSE risk by eliminating need for dedicated wireline operations
    • Decreases amount of water used compared to traditional plug and perf methods
    • Features millable seats for future fullbore applications
    • Fracturing/ stimulation
    • Production
    • Injection
    • Acidizing