• i-Valve CEM

    The i-Valve CEM™ is based on the high performance i-Valve sliding sleeve series, but features the additional ability to be run as a part of a cemented liner. The i-Valve CEM technology is an ideal alternative to plug-and-perf operations in wells that require water shutoff capabilities, or in wells that require selective stimulation and restimulation. The i-Valve CEM is a multipurpose, injection, cementing, production and stimulation valve suitable for even the most demanding HPHT environment.

    It is ISO 14310 V0 qualified, up to 15 000 psi, and has a special coating which prevents scale buildup and erosion. The i-Valve CEM is delivered with easily configurable carbide nozzles that can be installed at location prior to running in hole for optimum flow control.



    • Special cement protection technology
    • No flow through inner sleeve
    • Special internal coating
    • Configurable nozzle setting
    • Dual seal system including non-elastomeric seal
    • Carbide nozzles


    • Allows the valve to be cemented in place
    • Eliminates debris which can result in jamming
    • Supreme protection against corrosion, erosion and scaling
    • Optimized flow performance
    • Valve can be manipulated at high differential pressure without jeopardizing seal performance
    • Increased erosion resistance
    • Field proven to allow operators the ability to confidently cycle each valve several months after an installation


    • Production
    • Injection
    • Acidizing/stimulation
    • Circulation
    • Cementing