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    Boost Your Bottom Line with Red Thread™ IIA and Dualoy™ fiberglass piping systems

    Fiber Glass Systems is the leader for time-tested piping systems for underground fueling systems. We have proven our leadership with almost 50 years of continuous supply of 2 brands of UL Listed products for underground fuels. With a combined 85 years of experience, Red Thread IIA, Dualoy 3000/L and LCX have never been removed due to fuel incompatibility. With the ongoing search for renewable fuels, this long-term capability is key to choosing our products for use in future fuel applications. 

    Learn how you can boost your bottom line with our fuel handling piping systems.

    Leadership doesn't happen overnight

    Our Red Thread IIA and Dualoy fiberglass pipe have been setting the standard for decades. Click on the links below to see how.

    Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

    Red thread IIA and dualoy pipe systems are made with thermosetting, aromatic amine cured epoxy resin, ensuring no maintenance or replacement costs due to fuel incompatibility. Our superior hydraulic efficiency means significantly lower pumping cost when compared ot the competition.

    30 Year Warranty

    We offer a 30-year warranty on Red Thread IIA and Dualoy pipe, fittings and adhesives. This ensures against material and workmanship defects and internal and external corrosion when used for underground transportation of fuel.

    ZERO is Our Most Impressive Number

    Red Thread IIA UL 971 Listed products for underground fueling systems, have consistently proven to be the reliable long term solution. Since 1968, Fiber Glass Systems has had ZERO piping systems removed due to fuel incompatibilities. As fuels continue to evolve, wouldn't you want Red Thread IIA in your future? 

    Leak Prevention

    Bonded sump entry fittings provide a positive seal at the sump wall to prevent fuel leakage from the sump if there is a dispenser or other equipment malfunction. Our Bonded Sump Entry Fitting - Termination style also helps provide Class 1 leak-prevention protection that complies with California's requirement of continuous interstitial monitoring of the piping system's secondary containment.

    Superior Flow Capabilities

    Red Thread IIA pipe has the largest inside diameter in the fuel handling industry, which enables you to pump fuel at twice the rate of a 1 1/2" flexible product on the market. Dualoy products have a slightly smaller inside diameter to accommodate a neat resin liner layer. Both products demonstrate superior flow capabilities and hydraulic efficiency!


    Our fuel handling piping is designed and manufactured to meet the requirements for public safety and environment regulations, including those issued by federal and state EPA in the U.S.

     For more information view our  Fuel Handling brochure. 



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