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    Fiber Glass Systems has a wide selection of lightweight abrasion-resistant & corrosion-proof piping systems to provide you with install-it-and-forget-it reliability in your remote and demanding environment.

    Our unique solutions combine innovation with proven technologies. As an example, we understand abrasion is only one part of the corrosion/erosion cycle so we embed structurally reinforced epoxy resin pipe and fittings with high alumina ceramic. The result is a piping system with the durability of ceramic and the corrosion-proof structure of epoxy. Ceram Core™ products are lightweight and long lasting in abrasive slurries like mine tailings.

    Mining's Best Kept Secret 

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    Another example of Fiber Glass Systems innovation is Fiberspar, our GRE and HDPE hybrid pipe that gives you the durability of HDPE and pressures capabilities greater than 1500 psi even at 180°F — this isn’t just any composite pipe. Another illustration is our proprietary Z-CORE resin systems which outperforms plastic lined steel pipe in the toughest chemical applications for a fraction of the cost and weight. 

    Whether you need a solution to water hammer for dewatering, or chemical resistance for acids and organics we have the solutions to your challenges. Our broad range of piping systems offers performance from full vacuum to 3,500 psi, temperatures from -75°F up to 275°F for liquids and 300°F for air. These products can be heat traced, steam cleaned, grounded, buried and used for downhole tubing and casing. We also offer mine dewatering and high pressure pumping solutions.



    Our products never need cathodic protection and rarely require thrust blocking. They substantially reduce maintenance because they never rust or corrode. For fluid conveyance from 1-1/2" to 72"+ for brine, acids, bases, organics, process piping, fuel, abrasive slurries or simply potable water, we have the install it and forget it reliability to the piping challenges you face in whatever remote part of the globe mining takes you.


    Key Advantages

    • No Maintenance: Impervious to corrosion and resistant to chemical attack caused by acids, solvents and bases, eliminating the need for protective coatings, wraps or cathodic protection. 
    • Low Installation Costs: Lightweight construction enables easy installation, reducing personnel and equipment needs. 
    • Improved Flow Capacity: Smooth interior pipe surface resists scaling and eliminates corrosion. 
    • Long Service Life: Calculated design life of 20 years, with an actual service life of over 30 years. 
    • Reliability: "Install It and Forget It" performance. 


      Engineering Design

      The Fiber Glass Systems' Success by Design engineering software sets the industry standard for design assistance. From material selection to flow calculations and comparisons; anchor, guide and support calculations; and thermal expansion solutions, this design package assists the engineer and owner in designing a highly reliable system. Our applications engineers can assist you in the selection of the proper piping system for your application.


      Installation and Fabrication

      With regional fabrication locations in North America and around the world, Fiber Glass Systems will rapidly fabricate your project for minimum field installation. All of our fabrication locations are staffed with ASME B31.3 certified bonders. Training and certifications of field installation crews to ASME B31.3 is available.


      Vinyl Ester Piping Systems

      - Centricast CL2030
      Centricast CL1520 
      - Bondstrand 5000 

       Advanced Performance Specialty Products

      Silver Streak
      Ceram Core
      Downhole Tubing & Casing
      - High Pressure Piping 

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