• Orion SL LifeSaver™

    The Orion LifeSaver acquires, records and displays slickline operating data to estimate fatigue along the length of the slickline.



    The system's calculated remaining fatigue life information is useful to help avoid costly field failures and to optimize the slickline replacement schedule.

    The Orion LifeSaver monitors slickline forces and bending events as tools are run in and out of the well. The standalone system records slickline depth information via an encoder mounted on a measuring device.

    Useful for post-job modeling, Orion LifeSaver's job data is written continuously (one time per second) onto a USB flash drive.


    • OrionNET™ software arrives pre-installed in the unit
    • Acquires, displays, and records depth, tension, line speed and one additional analog data channel
    • Allows users to see rapidly changing values in tension or depth via a high-speed data display (event-driven; up to 10 times per second)
    • High-speed, sensitive tension display detects "tickle" (small variations in tension) when moving past downhole restrictions
    • Large graphical display screen includes analog gauge, strip chart, and easy-to-read digital displays
    • Easy operation: single switch provides "power on and go" data acquisition and USB media storage
    • User-set alarms for all input channels drive digital output for horns, lights, or relays
    • Easy zero or calibration of input sensors
    • English or Metric units

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