• Orion™ DAS for Coiled Tubing Operations

    The Orion V DAS captures and maintains an accurate record of all monitored parameters during a coiled tubing, pumping, acidizing or hydraulic workover (HWO) operation.



    The Orion V Data Acquisition System (DAS) is available in two modes: standard and hazardous-area (ATEX). It captures and maintains an accurate record of all monitored parameters during a coiled tubing, pumping, acidizing or HWO operations.

    The Orion V incorporates a see-through pane, so that operators can view critical diagnostic signals without having to open the box. These signals provide operators with a quick review of system functionality, giving them valuable troubleshooting information at a glance.


    The Orion DAS hardware consists of: 

    • Sensors and cabling*
    • Controller box
    • Electronic Memory Unit (EMU)
      • Typical-job-log storage capacity > 2,400 hrs.
      • Stores diagnostic data
      • Channel configuration changes, unit description, and serial number recorded in EMU files
      • EMU function internal to PLC
      • No user intervention required
    • Laptop or desktop PC**
    *quoted separately, may be provided by customer

    **minimum Pentium II - 1.2 GHz processor recommended




    FeatureOrion VOrion V for Hazardous Areas
    Electronics Enclosure Size (Small Footprint)16” W x 12” H x 7” D (reduced 25%)19” W x 19” H x 8” D
    Electronics Enclosure Weight 27 lbs. (typical)65 lbs. (typical)
    Molded Oil-resistant Data Cables Yes (increased cable commonality)Yes
    Enclosure & Receptacle Ingress Protection IP65 (regardless of Ethernet back shell)IP65
    Vibration (MIL-STD-810 Highway Trans.)  2G RMS, 1 hour per axis1.17G RMS, 2 hours per axis
    Mechanical Shock (MIL-STD-810 Highway Trans.) 20G, 11ms, 3 x per fac20G, 11ms, 3 x per face
    Channel Scaling Applied On PLC YesYes 
    Piecewise Channel Scaling Yes (up to 30 calibration points/channel)Yes (up to 30 calibration points/channel)
    Operating Temperature 0° - 60°C (32° to 140°F), 95% RH (non-condensing)-20° - 40°C (-4 - 104°F), 95% RH (non-condensing)
    Storage Temperature -20° - 70°C (-4° to 158°F), 95% RH (non-condensing)-20 - 70°C (-4 - 158°F), 95% RH (non-condensing)
    Removable Enclosure Door Yes      Yes


    FeatureOrion VOrion V for Hazardous Areas
    Acquisition Communications Protocol1 x 10/100Mbs Ethernet port2 x 10/100Mbs Intrinsically Safe (IS) Ethernet ports
    HMI Communications Protocol 10/100Mbs Ethernet  
    Configurable Acquisition Rate for PCsYes (up to 10Hz with OrionNET)Yes (up to 10Hz with OrionNET)
    Supports Multiple OrionNET™ConnectionsYes (8)Yes (8)
    Industrial IP67 External Ethernet SwitchOptional (5 port) 
    Industrial IP67 Wireless 802.11 RadioOptionalOptional
    Orion Software Versions SupportedOrionNET 2.0 and greaterOrionNET 2.0 and greater

    Diagnostic Features

    FeatureOrion VOrion V for Hazardous Areas
    Visible System Health Indicators on Enclosure (without opening door)Fuse blown, digital, quadrature and serial IO module IO status, and communication indicatorsDigital, quadrature and serial Input/Output (I/O) module I/O status, isolator status, and communication indicators
    IP Address and Serial Number Visible on EnclosureYes (on front window)Yes (on front window)
    Serial Number and Unit Description in OrionNETYes (description is configurable)Yes (description is configurable)
    Power Component Monitoring in OrionNETYes  
    Critical Channel-fuse Monitoring in OrionNETYes (up to 4 channels warn users of fuse blown, open circuit, short circuit)  
    Internal Temperature Monitoring in OrionNETYes  
    Analog Channel Out-of-Range WarningYesYes
    Number of Instrumentation Isolators 5 Typical, 12 Maximum* Space Permitting

    Input/Output Availability

    FeatureOrion VOrion V for Hazardous Areas
    Channels Up to 48 (including RS485 streams)
    Modular I/O SlotsUp to *12 modules (1 used for diagnostics)12
    4-20mA Analog Sensor InputYes (up to 4 sensors per module)Yes (up to 4 sensors per module, 2 channels per Ex isolator)
    -10 to +10V Analog Sensor InputOptional (up to 4 per module) 
    0 to +10Vdc Analog Input with IS Isolators Optional (up to 4 per module, 1 channel per Ex isolator)
    Digital Sensor Input Support (2.5-16V signal)Yes (up to 4 per module)Yes (up to 4 per module, 2 per switching Ex isolator)
    Quadrature Encoder SupportYes (up to 2 encoders per module)Yes (up to 2 encoders per module, 1 per Ex isolator)
    RS232/485 InputYes (2 streams per module)Yes (2 streams per module, 1 per isolator) with IS Isolators
    Small Signal Digital Input (magnetic pickup)Yes (with plug-and-play amplifier cable adapter)Yes (4 channels per module, 2 per flow-meter Ex isolator) with IS Isolators
    Configurable Digital OutputOptional (up to 4 relay or sourcing outputs)Optional (up to 4 relay or 12V outputs, 2 required for ESS Option)
    Other Signals With appropriate Ex protection such as IS Isolator, Flame-proof design for devices not IS, etc.


    FeatureOrion VOrion V for Hazardous Areas
    Typical Job Log Storage Capacity> 2,400 hrs.> 2,400 hrs. (via 2GB micro SD card)
    Scaled Channel Value Storaqe Yes (1-second Interval)
    Diagnostic Data StorageYesYes (15-second Interval)
    Records Channel Configuration Changes in EMU FilesYesYes
    Records Unit Description and Serial Number in EMU FilesYesYes
    EMU Function Internal to PLCYes to PLCYes to Controller/Brain module


    FeatureOrion VOrion V for Hazardous Areas
    Power Input10-36VDC, 2-6A, 30W (typical)  (optional 110-220VAC)**(typical 110-220 VAC 50 to 60Hz)**
    Over current protection methods Intrinsically safe isolators, and constant short circuit current power modules for internal devices and Ex d attachments
    Power Input Surge IsolationYes (1600V @ 100ms) 
    Fused Voltage OutputsYes 
    Easily Replaced Fuse PlugsYes 
    Recessed Contacts ThroughoutYesYes
    Enclosure Cable ReceptaclesMIL-C-26482, size 10 shell, 6 socket receptaclesEx e or Ex de cable glands
    Emergency Stop SystemOptional**Optional**

    Small Signal Digital Amplifier

    FeatureOrion V
    Noise and Cross-talk ImmunityYes
    Maximum # of Amplified ChannelsOne required per channel
    External AdapterYes
    “Plug and Play” (no hardware configuration required)Yes
    Easily ReplacedYes
    Required for Proximity ProbesNo
    HMI – “ROVer™” (Remote Orion Viewer) 
    Wide-range Voltage InputYes (10-32VDC)
    Size8.78” W x 6.02” H x 2.60” D
    Display Resolution800x480
    Increased Display Brightness & ContrastYes
    Operating Temperature-20° - 70°C (-4° - 158°F)

    Hazardous Area Rating

    FeatureOrion V for Hazardous Areas
    Protection TypeEx nA nC [ia Ga] IIC
    ATEX Temp ratingT4 Gc (0°C - 40°C)
    Equipment Certificate StandardEN 60079-0:2012 & EN 60079-15:2010

    * = Additional available with customization
    ** = Enclosure size may increase for certain options 

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