• CoilOps

    CoilOps works seamlessly with OrionNET™ to bring job data to your phone, tablet, or PC via the cloud or the local unit’s Wi-Fi connection.



    For operations located in the most remote wilderness, CoilOps caches job information, job log entries and data generated for continued onsite functionality and later synchronizes with the cloud once an Internet connection is available again.

    Building an equipment utilization report, tracking a crew’s job history, or simply interpreting a hand-written treatment report may require cross-referencing multiple spreadsheets, JSAs, treatment reports, time cards, and data logs to create accurate accounts. However, centralizing operational data in CoilOps makes generation of reports with your business intelligence software a snap, freeing up time for you to make business and operational decisions.

    Using CoilOps, administration of certificates and permits can be quickly transformed to a cloud-based process. Benefits gained by migrating your certificates and permits to CoilOps include: 24/7 online access to credentials and documents, simplified search for personnel or equipment with specialized certifications, and helpful reminders of approaching expirations to both administrators and field personnel.

    CoilOps assets include

    • Scheduler: Online job scheduler for personnel and equipment helps service districts optimize resource utilization and maintain operational records.
    • Job Log/Treatment Log Entry: Quick and accurate entry of treatment actions using job type filtering of actions and real-time data.
    • Job Data: Online and application-based job data and log entry viewer provides a detailed summary of the operation in a quick glance. 
    • Personnel Tracker: Personnel history tracking of jobs and certifications and certification expiration warnings.


    CoilOps provides operations, engineering, and sales personnel a 24/7 collaboration tool to:

    • Improve equipment and personnel scheduling
    • Automate treatment and post-job report generation
    • Provide immediate information to decision-makers
    • Capture accurate treatment records
    • Reduce overhead of tracking certificates and permits


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