• Motion Buster

    Operations in deepwater environments bring about unique challenges. Platform motion can make work conditions dangerous; and when left uncorrected, this platform movement can shut down your operation. The Devin TM Motion Buster TM reduces movement due to weather, loop currents or tidal changes by providing vertical and lateral compensation.


    The Motion BusterTM is a passive compensator that reacts to the motion it encounters and allows your equipment to stay in place, relative to the sea floor. The stability provided reduces the risk of injury and allows you to operate in difficult conditions. Working with nitrogen (N2), the system is easy to operate and greatly increases the safety and efficiency of well intervention projects on rigless floating vessels. 

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    • Rated 250,000 lbs maximum load 
    • Provides a total of 6' of compensation with the option of 8' and 10' upon request 
    • Passive system works with 150-gallon accumulator bottle 
    • Comes with its own supply of nitrogen 
    • Reduce load on wellhead 
    • Account for tidal variation