• Capillary Unit Injector Heads

    Our capillary injector head models 707 and 505 are patented powered sheave units that offer simple, reliable, field proven operation.  These injector Heads feature rugged designs for performance in the harshest environments. Wheel design can include multiple gripping areas for variable tubing sizes with hardened surfaces for long life.


    The unique design of the sheave design sets this injector head apart from all competitors. The smooth transition of tubing into and out of the injector eliminates tubing damage typically encountered by traditional chain style capillary injectors and gives you a more predictable gripping force over the engaged portion of the wheel surface.  

    Wheel designs include multiple grooves which can be the same or different tubing sizes, depending upon user preference. Different tubing sizes allow operators to transition between jobs without having to swap anything on the injector head. Running the same size grooves on the wheel means the operator has a longer life out of every wheel, thereby reducing the amount of necessary inventory and manpower to change worn out gripper blocks.

    These injectors came complete with fail safe brakes and can include CE/DNV design features including certified lift frames and finer guards for increased safety.


     707 Model505 Model
    Pulling Force7,500 lbs5,000 lbs
    Speed120 ft/min 140 ft/min
    Sheave Size 48"24"
    Tubing Capacity 1/4" or 3/8"1/4" or 3/8"
    Unit Weight 2,500 lbs.1,050 lbs.
    Size (approx) 58" x 36" x 72"36" x 24" x 48"