• BOP Handler

    Delivering a safer transportation method for blowout preventer (BOP) and lubricator stack ups.




    Our revolutionary, patent-pending BOP handling system allows you to safely manage and transport a fully assembled BOP and lubricator stack up. With over four decades of innovation, we’ve played a key role in meeting your demand for rugged, dependable intervention equipment from the Tropics to the Arctic.

    The Hydra Rig™ BOP handler manages your fully assembled stack by hydraulically raising it to position, vertically over the wellhead - from 4 to 20 ft. 

    This new design also provides a safe and more efficient workstation for the crew to load tools into the BOP and lubricator stack from the underside of the BOP before connecting to the wellhead. This truck is fully self-sufficient due to the built-in hydraulic wet kit which powers the handling system and the BOP controls via the onboard 10 bank control valve. The BOP circuit has a dedicated pump and six 15 gallon, 5,000 psi accumulators. A remote BOP control suitcase is also included, offering greater flexibility for full control of the BOP rams from a remote location, such as your coiled tubing unit control cabin.


    • Able to side shift stack 12" side to side from center, rotate flanged stack 15° each direction for flange hole alignment and raise or lower stack to 10" after mast system has been rigged up to fit up to wellhead flange bolts/studs
    • Includes 10-bank BOP valve (3,000 psi at the valve), 2 x 12-port hose reels for BOP control and outriggers for stability
    • Stack includes 5.125" 15M Hydraconn (to connect the stack to the injector), 3 x 10’ lubricators, Quad BOP, flow cross with plug valves, Dual Combi BOP and 4’ spool. The handling system connects to the spool and lubricator. 

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