• Lifting Frame


    Our coiled tubing lifting frame is ideal for offshore lifting applications. It is designed, manufactured and tested to meet the requirements of API 8C 5th Edition and DNV2.7-3R30 standard. The unit includes lifting nubbin, top module, beam legs, and bottom module. It can be lifted in several ways depending on the configuration of the rig floor and vee door opening.

    There are variable designs with safe working loads of 150 MT, 250 MT, 350 MT, and 500 MT configured with the option of a Zone 2 diesel driven hydraulic power pack and remote control stand & hose basket.


    Dimensions (approx. with lifting nubbin fitted)14980 mm x 2580 mm x 1270 mm 14900 mm x 2550 mm x 1600 mm
    Transportation dimensions (without lifting nubbin fitted)14080 mm x 2580 mm x 1270 mm 14097 mm x 2550 mm x 1600 mm
    Top structure - top lifting nubbin6⅝ ft 18°5½ ft 18°