• Nitrogen Equipment

    We are a world leading manufacturer of nitrogen pump and vaporizer systems for coiled tubing, fracturing and industrial nitrogen applications. With manufacturing plants in Texas, Oklahoma, Canada and the UK, we offer a full range of nitrogen units in both fired and heat recovery design and with skid, truck and trailer models available. While most manufacturers of nitrogen pumping units purchase the major components for this highly specialized equipment, we meet the demands of oilfield service by designing and manufacturing our own cryogenic cold ends, warm ends, boost pumps, fired vaporizers and heat recovery vaporizers to insure that you receive a fully engineered system, with one point responsibility.

    Our innovative technology and production of dependable equipment have continually placed us in this position of leadership.

    Our Nitrogen division also introduced the first touch screen control system for heat recovery nitrogen pumping units. The intuitive touch screen interface provides complete units controls and automates several operation-critical functions that reduce cool down time for faster job completion.

    Automated functions that reduce potential operator error and improve job safety include tank pressure control, boost pump prime and boost pump control. The system includes a data acquisition system with real time data stream for complete job performance monitoring, keeping you in control of your nitrogen operations around the globe 24/7.

    New Product Announcement: Automated Nitrogen Unit

    We have developed the first fully-automated nitrogen pumping unit in the industry. This unit can also be equipped with the CTEScondition based monitoring system and GoConnect™ for intervention and stimulation equipment software for enhanced monitoring capabilities and reduced maintenance costs. 

    For more information, please contact hydrarig@nov.com today!


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