• Direct Fired Vaporizers


    Our direct fired vaporizers have been in production at our Duncan facility since 1999. Their compact design and exceptional performance has been the key to their market acceptance. The same technology is embodied in all of our direct fired vaporizers, enabling us to apply new innovations across the product line, rather than being platform specific.

    Satisfies market requirements for Vaporization rates up to 1,200,000 SCFH.


    • Proprietary diesel-fired burner assembly
    • Propane assisted ignition system
    • Integrated fuel/fan controls for simplified unit operation
    • Stainless steel construction
    • Burns clean; tested to CAB standard
    • Easy maintenance due to hinged fan assembly for easy access, single igniter for simplicity, 12 volt system and reduced component count
    • Quench air system for more uniform temperature and increases vaporizer efficiency while protecting heat exchanger from over temperature
    • Uses ambient heat to improve efficiency, fan speed sensor and quenches flame for a high air flow design
    • Single combustion chamber
      • Single flame detector
      • Inherent flame relight design
      • Four viewports
      • Flame sensor
      • Two temperature sensors
      • Standard 15,000 psi heat exchanger


    ModelDF 360DF 660DF 840DF 1200
    Vaporization rate360,000 SCFH (10,195 m3/hr)660,000 SCFH (18,691 m3/hr)840,000 SCFH (23,789 m3/hr)1,200,000 SCFH (33,984 m3/hr)
    Weight2,500 lbs (1,134 kg)3,400 lbs (1,542 kg)4,100 lbs (1,860 kg)4,920 lbs (2,232 kg)
    Length87" (221 cm)93" (236 cm)96" (254 cm)100" (254 cm)
    Width43" (109 cm)47" (119 cm)52" (132 cm)56" (142 cm)
    Height55" (140 cm)66" (168 cm)66" (168 cm)66" (168 cm)



    • Fuel pre-heater system
    • Flame out indicator