• Merlin™ Automation System


    We have developed an Automated Discharge Temperature Controller for Hydra Rig™ Direct Fired Nitrogen Vaporizers. The Merlin™ Nitrogen Vaporizer Automation System has been developed to allow the operator to input the desired discharge temperature on a touch screen HMI and let the controller operate the vaporizer to control the discharge temperature, thus allowing the operator to focus on rate and pressure control.  The system is available on the full range of models of Hydra Rig Direct Fired Nitrogen Vaporizers and can be included on new build units or retrofit onto existing units with Hydra Rig Direct Fired Nitrogen Vaporizers.


    • Automatically maintains operator preset discharge temperature to reduce temperature variations during rate and/or pressure changes
    • Automatic fuel and fan control improves vaporizer efficiency, providing cleaner emissions and improved fuel efficiency
    • Built in data acquisition system provides data for job analysis and customer reports
    • System monitors for flame out and reacts quickly to maintain preset temperature
    • Built in self diagnostics pinpoints problem area and provides potential solutions
    • Safety warnings and system shutdown to protect critical components, reducing costly repairs and downtime
    • Remote monitoring provides rel time data to control center and/or office location


    Model Vaporization Rate 
    DF 360 360,000 SCFH (10,195 m³/hr)
    DF 660660,000 SCFH (18,691 m³/hr)
    DF 840840,000 SCFH (23,789 m³/hr)
    DF 12001,200,000 SCFH (33,984 m³/hr)

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