• QT-1300

    QT-1300 is designed for challenging, high profile coiled tubing operations, delivering to you extended reach in high pressure environments. QT-1300 has improved pressure capacity, fatigue life, axial load and resistance to collapse over existing grades and is designed for extended reach, high pressure and long horizontal wellbore applications.

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    Available Strings

    • Straight wall
    • String with an electric wireline or capillary tube installed


    Improved Fatigue
    Higher strength tubing with a greater resistance to low cycle fatigue is vital for success in high pressure environments. QT-1300’s increased yield strength allows the coiled tubing to be cycled more in higher pressure situations, reducing your NPT between strings.

    Decreased Diametrical Growth
    QT-1300 has a higher resistance to OD growth due to its higher yield strength. As a result, coiled tubing strings can now be designed with thinner wall thicknesses and lower string weights to overcome weight restrictions while maintaining string performance.

    Extended Reach

    Due to its improved resistance to buckling, QT-1300 can service horizontal and deviated wells with longer laterals, resulting in the ability to reduce a coiled tubing string’s wall thickness while increasing axial load capabilities.

    Improved Pressure Capacity
    QT-1300’s increased yield strength allows you to increase pump rates and pressures and still experience more trips to retirement, improving your return on the string.


    QT-1300 is manufactured from high strength low alloy steel (HSLAS) with alloying additions to provide resistance to atmospheric corrosion. 

    Outside Diameter1.750” - 2.875” (44.5 mm - 73.025 mm)
    Wall Thickness0.134” - 0.203” (3.4 mm - 5.2 mm)
    Minimum Yield Strength130,000 psi (896 MPa)
    Minimum Tensile Strength135,000 psi (931 MPa)
    Maximum Hardness39 HRC



    Read more about QT-1300 in the following SPE papers:

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